One Person Company has just a single individual as a investor. 

Least settled up share capital of One Person Company is one lac rupees (Rs. 1,00,000). 

One Person Company will demonstrate the name of the candidate/other individual in the notice, with his earlier composed assent. 

The composed assent will be documented with the Registrar at the hour of fuse of the One Person Company alongside its M&A (Memorandum and Articles). 

The candidate/other individual can pull back his assent whenever. 

The part/Shareholder of One Person Company may change the chosen one/other individual whenever, by pulling out to the next individual and close the equivalent to Company. At that point the Company should hint the equivalent to the Registrar. 

If there should be an occurrence of the demise of part/investor or his inadequacy to contract, at that point chosen one/other individual become the individual from the Company. 

Part/Shareholder of the One Person Company goes about as first executive, until the Company selects director(s). 

One Person Company can choose most extreme 15 executives, however least ought to be one chief. 

One Person Company need not to hold AGM in every year. 

Income Statement may exclude from the budget reports of One Person Company. 

One Director is adequate to sign the Financial Statements/Director's Report. 

Inside 180 days from the conclusion of the Financial Year, One Person Company should document the duplicate of the Financial Statements with Registrar. 

The idea of One Person Company is a type of new business, which is presented in India by the Companies Act, 2013. OPC bolsters youthful business visionaries of India who are intrigued to begin their own endeavor by making a solitary individual monetary element. 

On the off chance that you need to be just author or advertiser, at that point this One Person Company is the ideal beginning for you to go into business. OPC has the greatest bit of leeway over different types of the organization that is just a single part in an OPC is required, though at least at least two individuals are required for a Private Limited Company and a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). 

One Person Company carries on has a different lawful substance from its advertiser like an organization. It offers restricted obligation insurance to its sole investors and is anything but difficult to consolidate. 

Despite the fact that a One Person Company works as a different legitimate substance with a restricted risk insurance it has a few confinements. Like each One Person Company must name a Director who will end up being the proprietor of the OPC on the off chance that the sole Director is incapacitated. 

Besides, One Person Company must be changed over into a Private Limited Company on the off chance that it has a yearly turnover of Rs.50 lakhs or more. On the off chance that its yearly turnover is more than Rs.50 lakhs, at that point it must document evaluated fiscal summaries like a wide range of Companies do toward the finish of each Financial Year.